Reviews from customers

 "A brilliant book for children! Super impressive work by such a young Sanaya. Both my daughters loved this creative, colourful book with adorable illustrations that brought the book to life. This has made it more believable for my daughters that young children can also write their own books..." - ROHIT S

 "A very beautifully written book that engages young readers from the very first page. My 5 year old son was captivated with the various adventures of the teacakes. It's got some very nice illustrations too! A recommended read for all children." - ATUL S

"My twins loved this book so much & were so inspired by Sanaya writing at such a young age that they picked up their notebooks & started curating their own stories! "       - SUNAINIKA

“ the book is funny and interesting because you want to know what is going to happen next and the teacakes are always doing daring things. My favourite parts were the rhyming sentences which were very clever. It is full of adventure!”  - TRISHA (age 7)