A Great story for kids


4 little tea cakes fell out of their basket and went for an action packed adventure!

From exploring castles, zip lining across the playground and fighting bears and wild cats, these tea cakes have a lot of challenges... but they don't give up! Will the tea cakes manage to face all the challenges and make it back home?

With tips from the author herself on how to write your own story, this is a great book to encourage children to imagine and create. Written and illustrated by a 6 yr old budding author, Sanaya, who believes that every child can write their own story and become authors. This story is for children, written as a child would see the world - magical and full of endless possibilities!

About the Author

Sanaya started writing this great story at 6 yrs of age. It all started when she found an unused notepad and a pack of coloring pens. For her even the most ordinary object is filled with magic, which comes to life in her wonderous imagination. 

Sanaya currently lives in Indonesia with her parents and 7 year old sister, Diya. When she is not busy with school activities, she is on super secret adventures with her kid sister, to save the world from evil wizards and other super-villains.

Her Big wish is for each child to discover their imagination and publish it in their own story great book!